Chlorine - Calcium hypochlorite

Molecular formula:Ca(ClO)2

Cas No.: 7778-54-3


  • Calcium hypochloride; Hypochlorous Acid, Bleaching powder; Calcium Salt; Losantin; Hy-Chlor; Chlorinated lime; Lime chloride; Chloride of lime; Calcium oxychloride; Calciumhypochlorit (German); Hipoclorito de calcio (Spanish); Hypochlorite de calcium (French);

65% grade:
  • Appearence: White powder or granule.
  • Chlorine content: 65.0%min
  • Moisture: 4.0% max.
  • Insolubles in water: 25.0% max.
70% grade:
  • Appearence: White powder or granule.
  • Chlorine content: 70.0%min
  • Moisture: 5 - 10% max.
  • Insolubles in water: 18.0% max.

Origin: China; Japan; Indonesia

Packing and storage: In 15 - 40 - 45 - 50kg, store at a cool, dry and well ventilated place.


  • Calcium hypochlorite is used by many paper conservationists to bleach archival papers, and it is used as an oxidizing agent to reduce the effects of foxing. Any hypochlorite of calcium, the normal anhydrous salt (Ca(ClO)2), that is generally found in commercial products contains 50 to 75% available chlorine.
  • It is used as a bleaching agent (paper, textiles), bactericide, deodorant, water Purification, sterilizer, disinfectant for swimming pools, fungicide and in sanitary Installations.