• Yellow beeswax. A substance obtained from bee honeycombs. Consists of esters of straightchain monohydric alcohols with even-numbered carbon chains from C24 to C36 esterified with straight-chain acids also having even numbers of C atoms up to C36 (some C18 hydroxy acids).
  • Yellowish to brownish-yellow, soft to brittle; honey-like odor; slight balsamic taste.
  • White beeswax, white wax, bleached yellow wax, bleached beeswax. Prepd by oxidizing yellow beeswax cakes with peroxide or in sunlight; Yellowish-white. Properties similar to those of yellow beeswax, except for a slightly different taste. Preferred to yellow beeswax in cosmetics.

Origin: Vietnam, Germany...


  • Manuf of wax paper, candles, cosmetics.
  • Modeling artificial fruits and flowers.
  • In process engraving, Shoe polish
  • Pharmaceutic aid (in ointments, plasters).

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